Thursday, May 28, 2009

History Lesson: 17th Amendment

History Lesson: 17th Amendment; Sugarplum's Solo Blog

... However, what it ended up doing was opening the door for the disintegration of State's Rights, which began happening more heavily during the reign of FDR. Yes, I used the heavily loaded word "reign" because what else can I say about a man who had zero respect for the precedent of Washington and was re-elected three times? Sigh. That was a long sentence.

States should have rights. I know governors have power, but direct democracy isn't such a great idea. California has it -- we make laws that aren't change-able through our proposition system and if that isn't mob-rule, I don't know what is.

So, conclusion is: 1913: 17th Amendment: States lost their representation in our federal government.

Comment: The author's conclusion is correct, however the first facts offered are in fact part of the propaganda the progressives spread then and now, all of which has been disproved by historians for some time. Professor Zwicki, among others, offers what is now the clearer picture of the forces behind the movement to enact the 17th.

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