Monday, April 06, 2009

Saving America's Economy The Constitutional Way

Saving America's Economy The Constitutional Way; Back Up America

With the economic crisis now foremost in American's minds, pushing back their concerns for the ongoing War in Iraq (a manipulated crisis at it's core, occurring just prior to the 2008 elections mind you), below are some suggestions for getting our economy back on track the "old fashioned," way - by abiding by the Constitution. ...

...6. Repeal the 17th Amendment calling for state legislative election of Senators, so that they again have a voice at the federal levels, and are not simply lobbyists at the federal trough for pork bills as another special interest group. No campaign election fraud with respect to the election of Senators, and Constitutional government once again. Institute the provisions that campaign contributions may only be accepted for House members from citizens, not corporate interests, that live in their districts. No outside state or federal funding. You cannot have a government of the people when the representatives serve outside interests, and not the people at all.

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Betsy Ross said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your premise. The House was to represent the citizens, the Senate the states and now the Senators are also plied by the lobbyists for their votes even more so than the House members. And this was done in conjunction with the 16th and the Federal Reserve Act to hijack our government by the European banking houses that are now in control of our government and its economy, and globally socializing the world government for their ultimate control. Check out the Rothschild family for a clue.

Also, every representative is in violation already of campaign finance laws - since you cannot have a representative government if those running for office are able to accept out of district funding for their campaigns. That was understood within the framework of our Constitution from its inception.

So all those in Washington are nothing more than usupers and pretenders really, at this point. Not "legal" representatives AT ALL.