Sunday, March 22, 2009

WAPO Pimp Piece for Feingold/McCain

Power to the People; Washington Post

The Washington Post has a pimp piece supporting another Feingold/McCain assault on the US Constitution, and fulfilling it's central role as the Ministry of Propaganda.

...There is no fast and easy solution to this problem. But the bottom line is this: The people of Illinois -- and New York, Colorado and Delaware, the other states that faced vacancies this year -- should be able to vote for those who would represent them in Washington. If their governors and state legislatures aren't willing to give them that power, Congress should find a way to do it.

Comment: The issue isn't about democracy (socialism), it is about republicanism, checks and balances, and the right of the states. The people have their legislative representation in the House, the time has come to restore the state's in the Senate.

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Anonymous said...

In point of fact, democracy and socialism are not interchangeable terms. Socialism is an outcome, whereas democracy is a process. It's entirely possible for a democracy to support individualism. In fact, if you look at nations around the world, the democratic societies are the ones with the greatest individual freedom. Criticizing democracy for being socialist seems to me to be a bit like criticizing a person for not being perfect.

I understand that America is a republic, but America is also a federation. I think the violations of individual rights we've been seeing are the result of less federalism.