Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senators wasting your time on BCS

Senators wasting your time on BCS; Observer-Reporter

Recession? Depression? Don't worry, your friends in the United States Senate have you covered.

There's a good chance they had a lot to do with causing one or the other, or both. But they - or at least some - don't seem to think that it's such a big deal.

If they did, they wouldn't be spending more than 12 seconds talking about the BCS.

Does that stand for Big Companies Stealing?

No, that would be BCS, as in Bowl Championship Series.

Yep, it's March. We're being told that we're within weeks of seeing thousands of people lined up in the streets hoping to get government cheese. The North Koreans are talking about testing a missile that could land in the Rose Bowl. On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary's sub-committee wasted some of your hard-earned money to pay for the piece of paper that contained this statement:

"(The current college football playoff system) leaves nearly half of all the teams in college football at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to qualifying for the millions of dollars paid out every year."

Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah is the top Republican on the committee and he started pushing for a hearing when Utah, despite going undefeated, wasn't given a chance to play for last season's BCS Championship.

Florida beat Oklahoma for the national "championship." Both teams went into the game with one loss.

Does any sane person need a United States Senator to tell them that the way the NCAA chooses its football champion is a joke?

Florida is the champion of something called the BCS. Somewhere on the campus, there's a nice trophy to prove it, but no self-respecting sports fan considers Florida the real champion of Division I college football.

There isn't one.

Sen. Hatch, you'll be happy to know, is promising to introduce legislation "to rectify the situation."

I don't know about you, but whenever a U.S. senator says he's going to rectify something, I have a feeling that the chances of things getting worse are about 50-50.

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