Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Senator Gregg and the Princes Of Anarchy

Senator Gregg and the Princes Of Anarchy; Douglas A. McIntyre; Time

The members of The American Society of Half-wits were out in force on the weekend Washington talk shows. The regular guests must have been off celebrating the holiday that falls just after the Vernal Equinox. Among the guests who did show up, the best comments on Sunday came from Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire who had agreed to be the Administration's Commerce Secretary and then pulled out at the last moment. Gregg remains the senior Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

The odds are reasonable that Gregg came by his high office the same way that John Quincy Adams and George Bush did. Gregg's father was the governor of New Hampshire in the mid-1950s. Judd held the same job little more than three decades later and then was elected to the US Senate. His own accomplishments are so modest that he lists the "Legislative Recognition Award" from the American Ambulance Association as an important milestone on his CV. Gregg's contribution to the debate about the federal budget is a statement he made on CNN's State of the Union talk show. He observed that if Congress approves the budget as it has been proposed by the Administration and deficits consequently move up at the rate that the Congressional Budget Office has projected in its analysis of the budget, the nation will become bankrupt and people would stop buying American debt.

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