Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mark Levin: Busted

Mark Levin: Busted; Frank Roman's Blog

...Mark Levin also points out how the 17th Amendment, ratified in 1917, stripped state power from the state legislatures of the authority to appoint senators and purposely deprived them of a meaningful role in the federal government, thus giving the citizenry an unfamiliar sense of the Constitution. Of course we can also thank the “statists” version of education for that sorry state of affairs. ...

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JohnJ said...

By "busted", he (Frank Roman) seems to be saying that unless someone supports Ron Paul, they can't support any of the principles Dr. Paul espouses. I don't think that's entirely accurate, but isn't it a good thing to try to explain those principles so that people can understand and support them? What's wrong with trying to make a good idea more popular? If the idea becomes popular enough, maybe the politicians who support it will have a better chance of getting elected!