Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An End In Sight For The Minnesota Senate Race?

An End In Sight For The Minnesota Senate Race?; CBSNews

Could an end be in sight for the stalled Minnesota Senate race between incumbent Norm Coleman and his Democratic opponent, former comedian Al Franken?

After more than four months of recounts and deliberations, the Minnesota court hearing the appeal could announce a decision as late as next week CBS News’ Political Director Steve Chaggaris reports.

A source close to Franken tells CBS News' Mary Hager that “the court will virtually certainly rule in his favor, and he will likely add significantly to the margin, maybe up to 500 votes or so,” at which point Coleman will likely appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The source says that Minnesota state law allows the Supreme Court to drop all other business to quickly hear and deliberate on Coleman’s appeal. ...

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