Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Reason Conservatives Aren't Sad Voinovich is Retiring

From my neck of the woods:

Another reason conservatives aren't sad Voinovich is retiring; Southeastern Ohio Conservative Thoughts
Ohio Senator Voinovich votes for the D.C. voting rights bill.

Dumb, along with being unconstitutional.

Politics as usual with two "sweeteners" for GOP members to vote for this bill.
  1. Getting a temporary reprieve for DC's residents on their gun laws vs an additional permanent anti gun vote in the house, is not a good deal.
  2. Getting an additional seat in conservative Utah is not a good deal either. Especially when it is temporary, the population could shift and the freaks in California could end up with this additional seat. Even Utah's Senator Bob Bennett voted against this bill, calling it "unconstitutional"
The NRA needs to be careful what they wish for and look at the big picture, we should not water down the effects of pro-gun votes in the entire United States for those that choose to live in a US territory.

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