Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AIG-FP strongarmed donations for Dodd

AIG-FP strongarmed donations for Dodd; Ed Morrissey; Hot Air

Democrats stirred up populist outrage over the bonuses paid by AIG to its executives to keep them around while their Financial Products division gets shut down. Perhaps a bonus paid by the actual “villains” at AIG-FP might garner some more accurate anger. AIG-FP execs coughed up over $160,000 in 2006, while the division made the decisions that would lead to AIG’s collapse, to help re-elect Chris Dodd and get him locked into the chair of the Senate Banking Committee:...

...Update: Jim Geraghty has a couple of historical items of interest on this story. First, 84% of AIG-FP donations went to the Democrats. Second, Dodd had built a government bailout for AIG in 2002 in case of a terrorist attack — to the tune of $100 billion. Read both posts.

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Comment:The second comment contained in the "update" caught my attention. Nothing like an emergency (9/11) to cram through more leviathan government.

Just think there are maroons out there like Feinstein that want to further this madness in the US Senate. In reality we should be completely repealing the 17th Amendment and ridding our government from likes of people like Dodd who abuse power. This power must return to the states where it rightfully belongs, not in the pocket of special interests that control Dodd and Feinstein.

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Realtor from Vancouver said...

Oh sure. There's nothing like some middle-size terrorist attack - so many things couldn't have been done if the 9/11 didn't happen! So many new laws, offices, jobs, ...

"Dodd had built a government bailout for AIG in 2002 in case of a terrorist attack" - do you know if the bailout money for AIG a few months ago were came out of this fund?

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