Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Democracy from McCain and Feingold: How to Fill a Senate Seat

HT: Lux Libertas

It seems that Senators McCain and Feingold are upset with the way the US Senate seats in Illinois and New York are being filled. Mister McCain and Feingold prefer and advocate direct elections by the “masses” providing for greater democracy (that’s code word for more oligarchic practices) over state laws. So they are co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment that would provide power to the people and take it away from those “nasty” governors who should be doing the bidding of Washington power √©lites, like McCain and Feingold. Check out the pimp piece the New York Times’ Editorial Team wrote on behalf of McCain and Feingold. The Times foresees this constitutional amendment as building upon another “great” piece of legislative thought, the 17th Amendment; whoopee!

Comment: I think it’s reasonable to say that any piece of legislation coming from both McCain and Feingold is not going to be in the best interest of the “people” and would only continue to buttress the oligarchs in the Senate. The editorial staff at the New York Times would be well served if they actually spent a little time reading about the creation of our government and the role of the Senate in relationship to the States.

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