Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jim Beers: Post Check on Liberty – The US Senate

HT: John MacMullin (ArticleV.Com)

John sent me a blog article written by Jim Beers (JimBeers7: Uncommon Sense) regarding the present state of the US Senate. Normally I post entire articles I get, but this is a little longer than most, so I recommend you check out his posting on his site. But I’d like to pull a few quotes that are on target and highlight the need for reform in the US Senate.

The US Senate is arguably the strongest governmental entity in the world designed to preserve and protect the liberty and freedoms that have been the hallmarks responsible for the most envied society in the history of the world, the United States of America.

In short, the monumental collapse of the US Senate in recent years is responsible for the slide back into the sort of despicable central rule by a few that The Founding Fathers sought to replace with The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution after so many sacrificed their lives and fortunes to drive tyranny from our shores.

There are two Senators from each State. This is because they were intended to represent the interests of THEIR State as they exercised their power and duties in the national government. Thus little Rhode Island and gargantuan California are equal in this forum: why? The reason was that the US Senate was intended to be THE bastion to protect States Rights from Federal usurpation.

…No such accountability exists in the US Senate today. New England Senators garner New England votes from unaffected voters by forcing wolves into Idaho or banning logging in Oregon or eliminating grazing allotments in Arizona. Senators from other States maintain their careers by “bringing home the bacon” otherwise thought of as money from other taxpayers living elsewhere. As this reelection Ponzi scheme has grown, Americans have come to demean States Rights’ as archaic relics of a past that impedes “progress”. One need look no further than the calls to eliminate the Electoral College process (election of Presidents by STATES in these United States of America) for electing Presidents as the importance of local control of local community life becomes a dimming star in an assumedly distant past.

When US Senators are popularly elected, thanks to their enormous power, they become political versions of the aristocracies of old. They are showered with money and publicity from powerful interests as they exercise their power in ways that are unseen by voters. They shrug and blame “the law” or others for regulations authorized and enforced based on legislation they supported on behalf of their benefactors.

Like Dickens’ Christmas Ghosts, the current aristocrat-wannabees in the US Senate are little more than scary illusions that are only good for convincing us of the need for reform.

Jim points are, again, right on target. Check out his post and his other blog articles, it’s time well spent.


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