Wednesday, February 25, 2009

George Will On A Roll

From the "best and brightest" at the Harvard Political Review:

...These errors should be enough for any one column, but with Will, the hits keep on coming. For Will does not just argue against Feingold's amendment, he argues for repealing the 17th amendment itself. You see, when senators were elected by state legislatures, everything was perfect! You had Henry Clay, and Daniel Webster, and oh yes, John C. Calhoun, a man who so loved the constitutional order that Will does not understand that he wanted to nullify it. And look at what has happened since we started with that whole direct election thing: We've gotten Joe McCarthy, and Russ Feingold! Yes, John Calhoun is the senatorial ideal, but Russ Feingold is a latter-day Joe McCarthy. This from one of the "smart" conservative writers.

Will is on quite a roll. His previous column was full of falsehoods. Thankfully, today's column is only rife with misunderstanding, idiotic comparisons, and senseless longing for the good ole days of limited democracy.

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