Friday, February 27, 2009

Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide)

Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide): The Boring Made Dull

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May not be a crook, at least in the technical sense, but circumstantial evidence is beginning to pile up. He must thank the Lord everyday that the Senate's “Ethics” committee consequences are reserved for Republicans.

Setting aside his “ Friends of Angelo” special mortgage deals, there's the tiny matter of his Irish estate.

Yup, 1 0 acres and a “cottage” possibly valued at a cool million, that Dodd has declared as between $100k and $250k.

This from a guy dodged all responsibility for Fannie and Freddie, claiming they were fundamentally sound, and helping to make the mortgage meltdown possible.

So, now that President Obama has asked you, the taxpayer, someone who's scrimped, saved, and living in a house that you can almost afford, to bail out the house flippers who drove up home prices for everyone, in return for a whole $13 dollars a week in tax relief, keep in mind that his party had a big part in creating this mess.

But you won't hear Obama criticizing Dodd, Kent Conrad, or Barney Frank. Silly boy – did you believe all of that pre election rhetoric about supporting the middle class?

Comment: Ah Mr. Dodd; one of a hundred reasons the 17th should be repealed.

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