Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ohio Legislation Alert: HB 524: Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote

Ohio Socialists Vernon Sykes, Barbara Boyd, Edna Brown, Tom Letson, John Otterman, Michael Skindell, and Sandra Williams have put forward a bill, HB 524, that would join together with other socialists throughout the US to eliminate the Electoral College in favor of the "popular vote."

The Electoral College favors stability and federalism. In the world of these eight socialists each would encourage marginal groups like ACORN to swoop into an election with a fly by night candidate and through a fierce propaganda campaign capture a national election.

To eliminate the Electoral College in favor of a national popular election for president would strike at the very heart of the federal structure laid out in our Constitution and would lead to the nationalization of our central government, to the loss of the States. This would certainly mean a final death sentence to federalism in our country.

Tell your Ohio Legislator to vote NO to HB 524, and preserve the original design of our federal system of government, which was thoroughly and astutely created by the Founding Fathers.

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