Monday, October 06, 2008

Money - A Brief History Of The American Dollar

Part I

Part II

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JohnFromChicago said...

Hi Brian

I wanted to thank you for linking to my video, "Money - A Brief History of the American Dollar". I worked very hard to produce something that was historically and factually accurate, using only the law and images of the money itself over the years. I've found it to be a powerful educational tool for those who haven't read Hayek, or consider themselves students of the Austrian school of economics. My blue collar friends who've watched it, get it. That was the goal.

So thanks again for linking over to it. I'm starting a blog at johnfromchicago.blogspot, and I'll be sure to add a link back, for Google more so than clicks.

Keep the faith, keep the fight! For liberty! For us and our children!