Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget 9/11; But How Do We Forget When We Don’t Know?

Aude Sapere; 11 Sept 2008.

The years go by and we still don’t really know what happened on that fateful day. Saudi’s being whisked out of the country when all aircraft throughout our airspace was grounded; Israelis being held by FBI; revelations that the some of the hijackers were trained at US military bases; the 9/11 Commission being stacked with former Clinton Administration appointees and was completely under funded; every NIST report is being challenged by a host of engineers and architects for questionable analysis; new information that questions how Building 7 was destroyed, when closer buildings weren’t damaged at all; BBC reporting the Building 7 was destroyed yet their own real time cameras show it was still standing when they made the announcement; first responders clearly heard explosions seconds before collapse; pilots raise questions about the expertise needed to fly the plane into the Pentagon indicating it could never have been an amateur; plane debris found six miles away from the Pennsylvania plane crash site pointing to the fact that the plane was shot down… just to name a few very troubling aspects about the whole day.

There are just too many issues out there leading me to believe we weren’t told the whole story. I haven’t forgotten yet because I still don’t know.

Comment: The passage sums up my belief; there is whole lot we don't know about. It wasn't just so simple that 20 or so Arabs could pull of the greatest intelligence/direct action operation of the modern era: there has to be more. But without a capable Congress sworn to uphold the US Constitution we'll never know the truth.


Anonymous said...

This stuff sounds suspiciously like truther propaganda. Check for verification.

--Mike P.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult enough to convince people about the importance of repealing the 17th amendment without having the idea associated with lunatics. You'd get more done by focusing on just one issue.


Brian said...


Just because a person questions does not make them a lunatic. The focus is more than just the 17th Amendment, it is the growing threat of the central government. We have this massive attack yet Congress did nothing to investigate the matter. If Congress did its constitutional job we wouldn't have the level of conspiracies we do.


Snopes is not the end all be all. The author brought some legitimate concerns that should be examined. I am not part of the "truther" crowd, but we should agree that the investigation into 9/11 was fraudulent. The 9/11 Commission was sham, underfunded and stacked with Democrats and Clinton officials; how could that be legitimate?.

Consider this, every piece of intelligence used to take us into Iraq was wrong, so how am I to believe the 9/11 report was exhaustive? I can't.

In the end it comes to down to transparency and constitutional responsibility in our government, something Congress has been very good at screwing. I see the connection between the 17th, a growing central government, and the weak investigation surrounding 9/11.