Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jim Cramer Hammers the Fannie Mae Situation

I caught this video on YouTube and boy does Cramer ever hit the nail on the head. Please watch it, it’s very important.

Comment: I admit I am a fan of Jim Cramer, but I don’t watch him all the time and I certainly don’t follow his investing lead zealously, but he is entertaining and has some very useful investing advice. Likewise, I know of various stories about using his show as a means of manipulating certain stocks, but again much of that is chat room/forum talk.

Ok, enough of the caveat; Jim Cramer is telling this country something so alarming, so disastrous I am truly amazed at how little this is being explored. He is 100% spot on that the SEC, Treasury, White House, and Congress are allowing this shameful situation to manifest. Damage is being done to our capitalistic market and our economy will suffer greatly.

Folks we need to wake up and observe the banking insiders screwing this country. We need to wake up to the fact that our Congressmen are failing us incredibly. We need to wake up that both the Republicans and Democrats are sitting back as our wealth is being siphoned off, which will undoubtedly brings us to our knees and to the standard of a third world country.

Look around folks, emerging nations are getting richer and we are getting poorer; do you really think this is by happenstance?

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