Thursday, June 05, 2008

Join the Boycott Today

How long can you sit back as business after business leaves the State of Ohio? How long can you sit back while second-rate leadership in the Republican led General Assembly raises taxes, increases the size of government, and gives away millions of our tax dollars to pie and the sky fantasies? How long can you sit back as our Republican congressional officials dig this nation deeper and deeper into economic misery through fiscal deficits and oppressive government regulations?

If you have had enough of these RINOs and will not sit back any longer, then join the boycott of the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) and tell ORP “NO” money until republican ideals return to Ohio!

We need to send a big message to Bob Bennett and Kevin DeWine that we are not going to put up with the weak leadership and “liberal” agenda that our elected republican officials are advancing. But it takes two things for the ORP leadership to understand we are serious: a strong voice on the outside, and your withholding of donations from the inside.

We need your support so please join our group so our numbers will grow and we can mount a tough protest in the coming months. At the same time, send a note to Bob Bennett and Kevin DeWine telling them “NOT ONE RED CENT” until republicans ideals return to Ohio.

Join the boycott today by first sending an email to saynotoorp at gmail. Together we can bring change to Ohio, but we can only do it together. Please join today.

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