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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web, 12 May 2008

There were quite a number of good postings for the last month and a half, so I will break this up into two postings. Enjoy!



Ron Paul
By Dead Theologians
Paul want to revise the repeal of the 17th amendment which would stop voters from choosing US senators and allow members of the state legislature to choose them? Talk about keeping big government. 5. Mr. Paul wants to go back to using ...
Dead Theologians -

By Christopher
I hadn't thought of this before, but it neatly parallels my argument that the 17th amendment removed responsibility from Senators to represent their state. Yet another reason democracy isn't really all it's cut out to be.
Musings of a Rogue Federalist -

One Person, One Vote
By Steve Schultz
... are not unprecedented: when the constitution was first framed, it stipulated that senators were to be selected by their repective state legislatures, not the people, and it took the 17th Amendment in 1913 to change that statute. ...
...Those Who Show Up -

The 17th Amendment and the Nationalized Senate
Nolan Chart LLC - Warrenton,VA,USA
The Repeal of the 17th Amendment would be an effective measure to decentralize the power of the federal government and would, in a very powerful measure, ...

USA sovereignty is being destroyed
Fleming Island Messenger - Orange Park,FL,USA
In 1913, 36 states passed the 17th Amendment to allow voters to directly elect their US Senators. Since then, the federal government has usurped many powers ...

States must force 17th Amendment showdown

By Devvy Kidd

February 04, 2005
All of that changed with the fraudulent ratification of the 17th Amendment. U.S. senators would now be elected. The states lost their suffrage rights, ...

Two solutions for entrenched politicians
Daily Herald - Provo,UT,USA
Two of the solutions lie in: 1) term limits and 2) repealing the 17th Amendment. If elected officials knew they were only to have a relatively short time to ...

Our destiny is in our hands and time is running out. Research links:. 1 - Update on Bill Benson's critical First Amendment case 2 - States must force 17th Amendment showdown 3 - The gray wolf, the ESA & the 17th Amendment. National ID: ...
National News -

Daily's-April 8th, 2008
By Pirate Irish Eddie(TMF)
The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. Can we repeal this one?..... More: It's an interesting mix of a civics lesson gone awry, history lesson of the actual reach of William Randolf Hearst and media to influence the will of the ...
An Inconvenient Document -

Founding intent
Salt Lake Tribune - United States
We advocate the repeal of both the 16th Amendment, which allows an income tax, and the 17th Amendment, which requires the direct election of senators. ...

You Say You'll Change the Constitution
American Spectator - USA
That is why the noxious 17th Amendment, which called for the popular election of senators, so upset the delicate balance between the states and the federal ...

Which is Worse: The 16th or 17th Amendment?
The 17th amendment specified that Senators are directly elected by the people instead of the state legislatures. This removed an important check on Federal government power. The state legislatures would make sure that the Federal ...
FSK's Guide to Reality -

Tamara and the 17th
By New Jovian Thunderbolt
Tamara has posted on a subject near and dear to my heart... repealing the 17th amendment. She wrote the essay I wish I had enough talent to write myself. Luckily, SHE does, so now I don't have to attempt it in my own fumbling manner. ...
New Jovian Thunderbolt -

SayUncle » Repeal the 17th amendment
Well, to end most of the big money on political spending, repeal the 17th Amendment and END 100 statewide elections for Senators and have State Legisltures ...

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