Wednesday, May 21, 2008


HT: Daily Paul

Warning: this video may cause most republicans to have nightmares, democrats to go insane, socialists and communists to turn to stone…we could only hope.

Note: This video was taped on May 7, 2008 and is about 53 minutes.

Comment: I have tried to stay as nonpartisan as possible on this weblog, however since the foremost candidates from the two major parties have obviously endorsed further reduction of liberty and freedom as was laid out in our Constitution, and would further enlarge the scope and size of the federal government, I will post news and comments from Representative Ron Paul (R-TX), who is the central figure in the United States championing liberty, freedom, and the United States Constitution.

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Jeff said...

Great video, I am so glad that you posted this to your blog and are helping to get Paul’s message out. I saw this when it was first aired on C-SPAN. I can say as a diehard Republican, this video is must for all republicans that want to get our party back on track. The platform Ron Paul is preaching IS THE PLATFORM WE REPUBLICANS MUST ENDORSE. This is the platform that will save the GOP.