Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1913: America's Worst Year

The folks at Scragged have an interesting three part posting on the infamous year 1913, the year that the 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve were enacted, which has positioned a once free U.S. citizen in the role of slave to the federal government.

“One particular year in our history shows what happens when the populace becomes complacent and jealous, doesn't pay attention, is manipulated by the media, or is lied to by those in power. What happened in 1913 that was so bad?

· The Constitution was amended to permit the federal government to levy an income tax

· The Constitution was amended so that senators were elected by the citizens of each state rather than being appointed by the state legislatures

· The Federal Reserve Bank was introduced

“The articles in this series will explain why each of these "innovations" was such a disaster for our nation.”

Comment: The three part postings are a good prima describing what has been the most devastating corruption to the US Constitution. This is a good start, but one in which all citizens have to look deeper into. This was the year we truly became slaves to the federal government; make no mistake about it. The only way we are going to stop the march toward “benevolent and corporate socialism” is to repeal the damage that resulted in 1913.

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Chris Hoebeke said...

I have imagined coming out with a coffee table book commemorating the worst year ever for Constitutional government. Sort of like last year's centennial remembrance of the The Titanic. Ran out of time, bummer, but no one would have read it anyway.