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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web 6 December 2007

I have about two months worth of posting that discuss or mention the 17th Amendment.

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Repeal 'em all
By Paul Zummo
17th Amendment - Direct election of Senators. No amendment did more to distort the original Constitutional design than this monstrosity of the progressive era. Sure, the MIS-interpretation of the 14th amendment has led to more evil, ...
The Cranky Conservative -

Some Things I Would Change About Elections
By Smitty
Last (for now at least), I would repeal the 17th Amendment. I would go back to the State Legislatures appointing the Senators. This would work perfectly with my plan to eliminate out-of-State campaign contirbutions, as well as provide a ...
Midnight in America -

The worst amendment
By Christopher
If I could change two, though, the second would be to get rid of the 17th Amendment. I'm doubtful that a repeal would actually fix the problems its passage created, but I'm confident that leaving it in place would be a disaster. ...
Musings of a Rogue Federalist -

Larry Sabato Doesn’t Understand the Constitution
Town Hall - Washington,DC,USA
With the passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913 during the Progressive Era, senators were elected popularly by the people, which disconnected them from being ...
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The Question Is, Do You Want To Keep It?
By Chuck Shiflett
Abolish The 17th Amendment: Under the US Constitution as adopted the people elected US House members to represent their interests. However the public did not vote for their US Senators. The senators were appointed by their respective ...
Chuck Shiflett Blog Site -

Is America Conservative or Liberal or neither?
By Pangloss
It is a formerly Liberal nation that since the passing of the 16th and 17th Amendments has taken on more and more socialist programs and government-imposed classist affiliations as a result of earmarks and other forms of Legislative ...
Wolf Pangloss's Fish Taco Stand -

Democracy a misnomer for what was created
Reporter-Times - Martinsville,IN,USA
The Founders would be aghast at the existence of the 17th Amendment, an atrocity that guts the intent of the original Constitution that the House of ...
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By JohnJ
The 17th Amendment was the death of the careful balance between state and federal governments. As designed by that brilliant and very practical group of Founding Fathers, the two governments would be in competition with each other and ... -

Think First: Why Not Repeal the 17th Amendment?
By Think First
I just recently read an article by Matt Mayer critiquing Larry Sabato's "A Missing Constitutional Link". Before I comment on Mr. Mayer's brilliant recommendation that if we should do anything we should repeal the 17th...
TownHall User Blogs -

Repeal the 17th Amendment
It's a sure bet that the Congress will never vote to repeal the 17th Amendment. That leaves the only alternative: Constitutional Convention. ...

No, Really, Why Is Hillary Only at 48 Percent Against Ron Paul?
National Review Online - New York,NY,USA
... legalize narcotics, issue letters of marque and reprisal for al-Qaeda, repealing the 17th Amendment allowing for direct election of Senators, ...
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Representation through Service, debate on government continued
By Seth
Repeal the 17th amendment in whole. No replacement document. Return the selection of Senators to the State Legislatures. It is my opinion that the 17th amendment is one of the driving nails for why Congress is so broken. ...
Subrealism -

Repeal the 17th Amendment
By Chris
Though I'm not the resident constitutional scholar, I'm going to write about the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The US Constitution, as originally framed in Article I, Section 3, provided for US Senators to be elected ...
On the BorderLine -

The Talented Third
By Misterdavid1211
... parties as unworkable or revolutionary in the negative sense. At worst, they're often accused of splitting the vote, guaranteeing one candidate's win by siphoning support from the opposition. The Constitution's 17th Amendment which ...
Misterdavid1211's blog -

Overheard in DC: Customer Service - Washington,DC,USA
And the 4th Amendment was about aliens and video games. At the Pour House Thursday night, discussing DC gun rights. Guy #1: "The 17th amendment is the one ...

The 17th Amendment
By Crystal's Blog
One Case I found on the 17th Amendment was a case to get it Repealed. "In 2004, after announcing his retirement, Senator Zell Miller introduced a constitutional amendment that would repeal the Seventeenth Amendment, arguing that it ...
Crys Blog -

Do We Need A New Constitution?
By Brad Warbiany
Granted, the 17th Amendment and most of the New Deal and beyond have turned the States into little more than lines on a map, since everything now IS run from Washington. But the point of the Senate was not to be "democratic", ...
The Liberty Papers -

The GOP In 2008: Overview and Analysis (Second of three parts)
By judy67669
Keyes believes the 17th Amendment, which provides the direct election of United States Senators, rather than their election or appointment by a state legislature, unfairly diminishes the power of state legislatures. ...
Rayborn -

Run or Represent:Replacing Legislator-Candidates During ...
According to the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, the states have the right to fill such temporary vacancies:. When vacancies happen in the representation of any state in the Senate, the executive authority of such state shall issue ...
the evangelical outpost -

The GOP In 2008: Overview and Analysis (Second of three parts)
By runnelsvlvy
Keyes believes the 17th Amendment, which provides the direct election of United States Senators, rather than their election or appointment by a state legislature, unfairly diminishes the power of state legislatures. ...
Tevis -

Here are my reasonings: to the Interview
By Esperanza Q Mcginnis
(Senators should be appointed by the state and not elected to a term as it was my in the 17th amendment. They should be hired/fired by State governments as originally intended.) c) Limiting this to three makes this very hard. ...
Esperanza Q Mcginnis Blog -

A longtime Senator shows the others the way
By Perri Nelson
Thanks to the 17th amendment to our Constitution, Senators are elected by the people rather than the state legislatures. Because they are elected by the people rather than the legislatures they are answerable to the people directly ...
Perri Nelson's Website -

Trent Lott to Resign
By B.C. Barnes
The legal part of this is controlled by the 17th amendment, I believe, which states: The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall ...
Mississippi Law -

Patrick Henry and the US Constitution By JB Campbell
By Stophypocrisy
And we all know that the 16th Amendment, making the IRS the collection agency for the Federal Reserve Corporation, was never ratified although it became law in February, 1913. What many of us do not realize is that the 17th Amendment, ...

Rule By Mob, Part 1
By splitbabyniblet(splitbabyniblet)
In direct response to the demands of the people, the 62nd Congress proposed the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution to the State legislatures on May 13, 1912. (4) This was no ordinary amendment. Most amendments add to the existing ...

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