Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sen. Grassley Probes Megachurches' Finances

Senator Probes Megachurches' Finances; by Kathy Lohr: National Public Radio; 4 December 2007.

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, expects responses this week from half a dozen of the country's largest churches to questions about their finances.

Grassley has taken on megachurches, where millions of dollars are raised with little oversight. In letters that Grassley sent to the churches last month, he wonders whether the lavish lifestyles of the ministers violate the churches' tax-exempt status.

The churches are huge, with congregations in the tens of thousands. The buildings are like magnificent stadiums, and the pastors are larger than life.

(Note the last line of the article)

If the churches fail to respond this week, they could face further scrutiny from the IRS and from congressional hearings.

Comment: You can always count on the federal government’s use of the IRS when this situation is to its liking.

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Anonymous said...

As a Protestant seminary student, I can see the wide-eyed asperations of other students when discussion of mega-churches and it's money potential comes up. Rev. Dollar's reference to Christ and His disciples not being poor turned my stomach. Shuler's reference to their"church doctrine" in reference to collecting and the use of those collections by the church staff, reminds me of the Pharreses and the "high office" of the priest in the Old Testamant. Please, be the arm of God, and stop these men and women before they lead their flock astray..,again.