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Write-in 5th District Candidate Understands the US Constitution

Write-in candidate offers third option in 5th District race; By Kevin Risner, Advertiser-Tribune (Tifton Ohio); 27 November 2007.

From the Advertiser-Tribune:

Napoleon resident John F. “Jack” Green is 78 years old and runs about three miles every morning. He also is running for Congress in the 5th District special election as a write-in candidate.

“I’m running because I can’t lose. I can only win,” Green said. “How can you lose something you never had?”

While Green’s name will not be on the ballot, the names of State Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, and Democrat Robin Weirauch of Napoleon will be.

Green said he ran for the same congressional seat six or eight years ago, when no Democrat candidate was running. Green, a political independent, walked away from Republican Party affiliation when Richard Nixon was nominated by the party as a presidential candidate. Green said he was an active Republican in
Ohio before leaving the party.

Green pointed to the requirements for independent candidates who desired to be named on the ballot in the current Congressional race as his reason for running as a write-in candidate. While Republican and Democrat candidates were required to submit at least 50 valid voter signatures to be placed on the ballot, independent candidates were required to submit at least 2,306 valid voter signatures.

Green said he has three main issues he wants to talk about in the race.

“First, we should eliminate the Federal Reserve System,” Green said. “Any time a bank makes a loan, they create money out of thin air. This is pure inflation. The second thing we should do is eliminate the federal income tax. It’s absolutely insane to tax one’s incentive to work. We’ve got a free enterprise system. It’s not right to tax one’s incentive to work.

“The third thing we should do is change the 17th amendment and let the state legislators once again appoint the
United States senators.”

Green said during the first 124 years of the country, there was no Federal Reserve System, there was no federal income tax and state legislatures appointed senators.

“We had the greatest growth of any period of time in the history of the world,” Green said. “It’s never been matched in the 94 years since 1913 when we made all three of those changes.”

Green said returning to a system in which state legislatures appointed senators would make senators more accountable to their states.

Green said another thing voters should think about is the job description for Congress. He directs voters to the pertinent lines in Article One of the
U.S. Constitution.

“Nowhere in that job description does it mention health care, free drugs, pensions, Social Security or education,” Green said. “So how can Congress pass laws in those areas?”

Green has a law degree but made his own way as a business entrepreneur. He owned part of a construction company, then owned a machine design company.

He said he experienced a health scare about 10 years ago, but otherwise has experienced good health during his life.

Green said the
United States should stay the course in Iraq until the country is secure. He also said immigrants should be required to follow existing laws to enter the country and follow the rules after they enter the country.

Voters can read more about Green on his Web site at

Seneca County voters who want to vote for Green must fill in the oval on the ballot indicating the write-in candidate, then write in Green’s name.

Absentee ballots are available from the
Seneca County Board of Elections. The special general election is to be held Dec. 11.

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Comment: This man not only has wisdom, but a great understanding of the founder’s intent and the essence of the U.S. Constitution; and he is spot on. But the problem we face in this country is that people blindly go along like sheep and allow for the political class to operate completely unfettered. And this goes for both parties, because if any self-reflecting republican looked at the points Mr. Green is trumpeting, they would demand it become part of the republican platform. But today's republicans aren't reflective, and unfortunately have turned to a form of “socialism-lite.”

Three cheers for Mr. Green!

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