Thursday, November 29, 2007

It’s Time To End Hamilton’s Curse

It’s Time To End Hamilton’s Curse; by Thomas J. DiLorenzo; LewRockwell.Com; 27 November 2007.

Hamilton was also the founding father of constitutional subversion. In contrast to Jefferson’s strict constructionist views, which sought to use the Constitution as a limitation on governmental powers, Hamilton thought of the Constitution as a document that could be "reinterpreted" by clever lawyers like himself and his political compatriot, Chief Justice John Marshall, to provide a "rubber stamp" on almost any governmental activity. He was the inventor of the subversive notion of "implied" powers of the Constitution. As Rossiter explained (approvingly): "It seems certain that Hamilton would have affixed a certain certificate of constitutionality to every last tax . . . . Hamilton took a large view of the power to tax because he took a large view of the power to spend."

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The Real Sporer said...

I rarely disagree with you guys, but I believe you to be mistaken about Hamiliton.

Article I, Section 8-necessary and proper clause and the federal supremacy language of Article 6created very broad powers for the Congress, not the limited power the latter day Jeffersonians.