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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on Web 11 October 2007

Over all there was a light volume of postings on the web that dealt with the 17th Amendment. As you’ll see up front, some of the posting have more to do with Rep. Ron Paul than the 17th directly.

There is one thing that is clear from many of the postings, is that our education system in this country does not teach U.S. History very well because there is a tremendous misunderstanding of the historical actual events and the founders’ original intent…but you knew that because you are in support of the repeal of the 17th amendment.

Ron Paul: wasted vote, confused politics
By Clueless Emma
And he wants to revise the repeal of the 17th amendment, the one that allows for direct election of US Senators. Instead Paul would have members of state legislatures vote for US Senators as they had done under Article One Section 3. ...
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Ron Paul Is An Idiot
By JohnJ
The fact that a democracy may, from time to time, make a bad decision does not justify replacing that democracy with another form of government. Ron Paul is wrong. Horribly wrong. Hat tip: Repeal the 17th Amendment. ... -

Who Is Ron Paul?
By Merge Divide
He would like to repeal the 17th Amendment, which allows the people to vote directly for national senators. He wants state legislators to choose the senators. Paul is also against efforts to abolish the electoral college, because he's ...
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Founder's Quote - (Alexander Hamilton's Big "OOPS")
By The Patriot Post
Alexander Hamilton (speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, 17 June 1788 Hamilton did not forsee the upcoming mutation caused by the 17th Amendment, which enabled the Senators to be elected by popular vote instead of appointments ...
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The 17th Amendment
By johngaltline
[Progressives eliminated] any check the states had on the power in Washington (electing senators by popular vote instead of by state legislatures via the 17th Amendment). When states lost their ability to reign-in recalcitrant senators ...
The John Galt Line -

Rational Elitism (or, Of Democratic Deficits, Part III)
By Nathan Griffith
Indirect democracy, or at least some role for it (as in the Senate before the 17th Amendment), allows someone who doesn't have to face voters to bear the brunt of their electoral wrath. And that, sometimes, is what allows politicians to ...
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Repeal the 17th Amendment
By Vicky Davis
There are two ways to amend the Constitution: 1) Congress 2) by the states calling for a Constitutional Convention as called for in Article V of the Constitution.

More on Repeal the 17th Amendment
By SJ Reidhead
17TH AMENDMENT REDUX. I received an email from Brian who has a site about the 17th Amendment and why he ...
The Pink Flamingo -

By Cowboy Bob(Cowboy Bob)
I regard the 17th Amendment to the Constitution as the single most crippling blow to that balance of power, which effectively reduced the power of the states to a secondary position relative to that of the federal monolith in Washington ...
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