Tuesday, October 30, 2007

AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview

I stumbled across this short interview with Aaron Russo about the Federal Reserve and the background from his movie AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism. There are some interesting aspects about the power behind the scenes and his perspectives on the monetary system we have had since 1913. The interview is lacking and woman conducting the interview has only a superficial understanding of the issues presented, but if you can get through this there are some interesting comments.

Comment: Like Michael Moore, Mr. Russo throws out a lot of facts and opinions without much analysis. While I am not questioning his opinions, some of the facts that he provides about the history of the income tax are a little off base. It would be better if a group like the Von Mises Institute presented the material in a skilled and systematic presentation. However, this is only an interview and not the analysis he presents in his movie.

Wikipedia has a short biography that provides some interesting facts about Mr. Russo.

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