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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web up until 7 July 2007

Wow! Was I over due on this effort? Below is about two months worth of posting I had to side step. Work and summer travel has taken a small toll on my time to update this weblog. I'll have an update from 8 July tomorrow.


As I stated in the past, the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution was fraudulently ratified. Under the US Constitution, Senators are to be selected by the ...

A Very Interesting New Link
By The Real Sporer
In my evening reading I discovered an Ohio blog called "Repeal the 17th Amendment" . You know I'ma big believer in "original intent". I think the effect of deviations from the original constitution are not always good, and the 16th and ...
The Real Sporer -

"China" Mitch McConnell thinks he'll tell us go to hell, vote for ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
The 1913 17th amendment eliminated legislative senator selection and said: "The Senate ...shall be composed of two senators from each State, elected by the ...

Would you vote for Anrold Schwarzenegger for US Senate?
Napa Valley Register - Napa,CA,USA
Because of the 17th Amendment, an easily influenced population, not understanding of our Constitution or our laws, will vote for a Senator that have none of ...

Think Political Parties Are Destroying America? Thank the 17th ...
By The New Media Journal
Thank the 17th Amendment! by Todd Huston, Senior Writer June 5, 2007 If you think our nation is being ruined by the two party system you should consider the huge mistake we made in 1913 by changing our Constitution to allow American ...
News/Activism -

The role of the states
By Perri Nelson
With the "progressive" movement, this structure began to change, first with the passage of the 12th amendment, then with the 14th amendment. Probably the single biggest change to this structure was the 17th amendment. ...
Perri Nelson's Website -

Think Political Parties Are Destroying America? Thank the 17th ...
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA
Previous to 1913 Senators were appointed by the state governments to represent them in Congress but after passage of the 17th amendment Senators were from ...

Think Political Parties Are Destroying America? Thank the 17th ...
By Warner Todd Huston
If you think our nation is being ruined by the two party System you should consider the huge mistake we made in 1913 by changing our Constitution to allow American citizens to vote our Senators into office. In the beginning and until ...
BlogWonks -

What degree of madness
By Perri Nelson
What degree of madness indeed... only socialism, the 17th amendment, and an insatiable appetite for pork. Pork, "national health care", other socialist policies, an environmental protection agency that regulates things that have nothing ...
Perri Nelson's Website -

Nut Job In A Mask
By Ray
... us smaller government, end subsidies and special status for special interests, end unconstitutional legislation and spending, end the brain cell destroying public education monopoly, even call for the repeal of the 17th Amendment! ...
The New Liberty -

Craig Thomas' Replacement -- Wyoming and the 17th Amendment
By Corpus Juris(--Blue Girl)
Findlaw's Vikram David Amar argues that any effort by the Wyoming legislature to limit the governor's discretion in the selection of a replacement violates the text of Section 2 of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. ...
Watching Those We Chose -

17th Amendment Allows Senator Vote
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach, FL,USA
Outrage over this arrangement led Congress to pass the 17th Amendment in 1912, giving people the right to choose their senators.-Politico.

Wake me when it's over--the two-year presidential campaign and ... - Washington,DC,USA
In 1913, Congress approved and the required number of state legislatures ratified the 17th amendment to the Constitution, which provided for direct popular ...

There You Go
By rightwingprof
Repeal the 17th Amendment.
Right Wing Nation -

A Scheme Designed to Enhance the Quality of Those That Serve Us in ...

Repeal the 17th Amendment (I agree with former Gov. and Sen. Zell Miller on this one), immediately. I have no problem returning to the days when the Senate was elected by each state's legislature. Popularly elected Senators are too ...

redraider1959: 6 Steps to stoping illegal immigration
By redraider1959
6 Steps to solving the Illegal Immigration Crisis: 1. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Senators no longer represent the people but their own special interests; therefore its time to put the states back in charge...
TownHall User Blogs -

Senators, awake
Edmonton Sun - Alberta, Canada
By 1914, two-thirds of all the states had elected senators and that's when the 17th amendment to the US Constitution was passed, establishing an equal, ...
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Repeal the 17th amendment
By RonPaul08
REPEAL THE 17 TH AMENDMENT By John MacMullin After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the federal government announced that it would preempt all state jurisdiction over airport security. The federal government preempted state ...
FireSociety Forums - Domestic... -

Thoughts on the 17th Amendment
By John Cox
I thought I would write a little bit about everyone's favorite subject: The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. It's an interesting mix of a civics lesson gone awry, history lesson of the actual reach of William Randolf Hearst and ...
Wyome Blog -

I, President
By dpb
Repeal the 17th Amendment: The purpose of the Senate is to give state governments a voice in federal decisions. The 17th Amendment allowed for senators to be elected by popular election thereby defeating the purpose of the Senate. ... -

Sen. George Voinovich-Potentate or Nincompoop?
By Sue Bob
Voinovich's disrespect for his constituents reinforces my opinion that the 17th amendment should be repealed and selection of US Senators placed back on the State Legislatures. Direct election dilutes the power of the electorate over ...
Sue Bob's Diary -

Wow, Was That Weak (Hannity Skunks Voinovich)
By TBlumer
This type of out-of-touch conduct and voting is a direct result of the 17th Amendment's direct election of senators. The past few days have effectively been Exhibit A as to why the 17th should be repealed, and the selection of Senators ...
BizzyBlog -

Would our Founding Fathers support legislation by talk show hosts? - Washington,DC,USA
In 1913 that was changed by the 17th Amendment to the Constitution which gave the vote to the people of each state. For almost 95 years the Senate has been ...

Too much democracy?
WorldNetDaily - Grants Pass,OR,USA
The 17th Amendment gave us a little too much democracy. The United States of America is a republic, unique in its structure, sovereign by the consent of the ...

Elected court worth debate, again
The Capital Times - Madison,WI,USA
The 17th Amendment to the Constitution turned the Senate from an American version of the English House of Lords into a representative chamber when it ...

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