Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pullins: Immigration Bill Has National ID Requirement

The Pullins Report: Immigration Bill Has National ID Requirement; 7 June 2007.

Folks, Scott Pullins has an urgent posting today detailing the Senates slight-of-hand measure to include a REAL-ID provision in the Immigration Bill. Check out Scott’s posting.

Comment: First, this immigration bill clearly demonstrates that the oligarchs are unworthy of our trust. The terrifying problem behind every piece of legislation is the hidden measures unrelated to the bill itself. I would urge you and those that read this weblog to consider the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We must restore the balance of power the founding fathers intended when they created our government and return the power of the States. This is no idealistic pipe dream or the ranting of some fanatic; this is necessity our country and state can ill afford to dismiss. Please take the time and look over this weblog. I have posted a number of journal articles that outline the history and consequences of the amendment along the right hand of the page.

Second, ask yourself, if this REAL-ID is so important and needed for domestic security, why is the Senate hiding it in another bill? Why isn’t being debated out in the open. Well the simple and short answer is because it isn’t; it is malice. There is no reason to have a national database of the nation’s personal information kept in a central national repository. This is a recipe for disaster. Anyone in the Cyber and IT community will tell you our storage of data is under assault every minute of the day.

We need to get the Ohio General Assembly acting on both the Immigration Bill and the REAL-ID initiative. These are extremely bad for our country, and if elected oligarchs in Congress aren’t going to do anything about this then it is time our state legislators took action. Call or write your local representative and tell them to start raising concerns about this legislation before it is too late.

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