Friday, May 18, 2007

Soon More Than 12 Million New Social Security Beneficiaries

If Congress gets its way there will soon be more than 12 million new social security beneficiaries. Yes, with this amnesty deal there will be more than 12 million new eligible beneficiaries that will surge into our dying safety net.

So how do George Bush, Ted Kennedy, John Kyl, Arlen, Specter, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain propose to pay social security for more than 12 million illegals aliens? They don’t say, because there is nothing in this travesty, which is without a doubt an assault on our Constitution, that details how they will support our elderly and disabled that are currently living off of social security plus pay an additional 12 million illegal immigrants.

Yes, our own elderly and disabled that have worked their whole lives will now lose much of the little support they currently receive because Congress lacks courage to do the right thing; because Congress caved into the special interests groups and greedy big businesses; and because Congress has abandon liberty for socialism.

All I know is that there is no way our national Social Security system can bear the weight of more than 12 million new beneficiaries. It will either go broke in the short term, or with massive tax increases, will go broke in the next two decades. Either way it will go broke. And don’t think that for one minute the numbers will remain at 12 million, because once this amnesty is given the flood gates will open up and the rest of Mexico and Latin America will be flooding in.

These people are taking to the streets demanding we give them something. I say bunk, its time we took to the streets and demanded Congress and the President did what we elected them for: the protection of our country; the protection of our people; and the protection of our ideals. It’s time these oligarchs were kicked in the ass and made to do their job, and time we wake up. We better wake up soon because it isn’t looking too good for the United States.

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