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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web for 20 April 2007

I have been a little behind and have wanted to put more time into discussing the various journal articles I have posted, plus posting articles relating to the oligarchy in the U.S. Senate. But it has been more difficult than I imagined. I have been working on another blog that is focused on my state; and my job, work keeps getting in the way.

Anyway, here is the wrap up and some the articles that mention the 17th Amendment. As the result of Maryland’s decision to move for the repeal of the Electoral College, I more reference. Some folks have recognized the danger that would ensue if the Electoral College was abolished as clearly seen through the consequences of the 17th and 16th Amendments.



Comment on Populism post
By common_sense
I would actually like to see the 17th Amendment repealed, so that Senators are selected by the state legislators, giving another level of insulation to a legislative body and strengthing the structure of federalism.
common sense -

A Not-so-distant Mirror: the 17th Amendment and Congressional Change
By Brian Duffy
A Not-so-distant Mirror: the 17th Amendment and Congressional Change; Sara Brandes Crook and John R. Hibbing; American Political Science review; Vol 91, No. 4, December 1997. Abstract: At the beginning of the century, the Constitution ...
Repeal the 17th Amendment -

Whoa, what has happened to States Rights?
By Robb Rail
Since the passage of the 17th Amendment, nobody. We now have two branches of government that are not only concerned with the welfare of the people but dependent on it to stay in office. Is it any surprise that these institutions keep ...
Republicans In Second Life -

The Failure of Our Republic.
By admin
Also with the removal of State oversight of the Federal government via the 17th amendment there literally is a splinter-government of what once used to be the US Government. As the Federal Senate is now elected rather than appointed as ...
Petty Wars -

A Dubious Electoral Idea
Like the passage of the 17th amendment in 1913, direct election will further weaken the influence of the State legislatures oover the national government. Direct election of the president will solidify the control of Washington special ...
Rebellion -

Should the 17th Amendment be Repealed?
By NYBamaFan
As such, the core of the problem with federal preemption lies in the passage of the 17th Amendment which abrogated the state legislatures' right to appoint United States Senators in favor of popular election of those officials. ... -

NH Inches Closer to Seat Belts
By Free State Project
and so we see more of the uniform federal grid descending, in forms direct and indirect. who needs states at all? ah, 17th amendment, you'll never know what mischief you caused. [ hey, free staters, just joined - thinking of signing the ...
Free State Project -

A look at Haskell’s legacy
Edmond Sun - OK,USA
On the national stage, he supported the election of US senators by popular vote rather than by their state Legislatures, which became the 17th Amendment to ...
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Absentee Senators Running for President
By Brian Duffy
Dear Senators: About Those Missed Votes... By: Carrie Budoff ; The Politico; April 9, 2007. Dear John (and Joe and Sam, and Chris, too), This is the Senate. Do we need to reassess our relationship? Yes, you're running for president. ...
Repeal the 17th Amendment -

How California Lost Its Sovereignty
Signal - Santa Clarita,CA,USA
This loss was in part the fault of the states themselves when they adopted the 17th Amendment to have a direct election of senators by the citizens rather ...
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The March Toward Democracy
By Aldacron
This was changed in 1913 with the 17th amendment, but it’sa key point — it’s one of several roadblocks the framers placed in the Constitution to prevent the formation of a democracy. The bicameral legislature, the unelected judiciary, ...
The One With Aldacron -

The North American Union Steamroller
By Brian Duffy
The weblog Gates of Vienna has a really interesting posting on the emergence of the North American Union being pushed by the internationalist. The posting is long, however it is very complete and worth a look at. ...
Repeal the 17th Amendment -

Senate King of Pork Ted Stevens Breaks GOP Record
By Brian Duffy
Sen. Ted Stevens Breaks GOP Record; NewMax.Com; 13 April 2007. Ted Stevens becomes the longest-serving Republican senator in history on Friday. He's been there for more than 38 years, and he isn't finished. ...
Repeal the 17th Amendment -

By The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth
The 17th Amendment - "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. I have mentioned this Amendment in two previous ...
The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth -

2008 Presidential Contender: Ron Paul
By Terry Mitchell
Paul supports the repeal of the 17th amendment to the US Constitution (he believes US Senators should be selected by state legislatures once again, and not directly elected), opposes campaign finance reforms, advocates better ballot ...
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