Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wrap of 17th Amendment Web Postings 3-Jan-07

This is a wrap-up of articles or postings that have opinions concerning the 17th Amendment I have found since the middle of December. Most are rants, but it shows folks are thinking about the amendment.

RE: On term-limited Presidents
By Andy W. Rogers
I agree with your point but how can we repeal the 17th amendment when our state legislative districts are gerrymandered like they are??? I know some gerrymandering will always take place, but what's happening now is rather excessive. ...

Constitutional Reform
By Evollusion
Another thing that needs to be done IMMHO is the repeal/rewrite of the 17th amendment. For those of you who weren't paying attention in history/government class, the 17th primarily allows the election of Senators by the people rather ...
Its All Politics -

The Constitution In Exile
By Brian(Brian)
Repeal the 17th Amendment (direct election of Senators). Another proposal to clarify the original intent of the framers. The Senate was specifically created to represent the States, not the people. ...
Liberty Points -

Column for December 28th, 2006
By troylaplante(troylaplante) 9.
The 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution shall be abolished. Maybe the 19th. The 24th Amendment will be amended. Those citizens that receive long term public assistance for income, food, and housing shall not be allowed to ...
LaPlante's Rants -

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