Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wrap-up of 17th Amendment Web Postings 12-Dec-06

A quick wrap-up of some articles I found surfing on the web. Dave Oatney is still going strong highlighting the issue.

By usclarry(usclarry) The 17th Amendment. This is the amendment that provided for the popular election of US Senators. The growth of the federal government and the weakening of state governments can be traced back to this event. Since the ratification of the ...
Southern California View From The Right - http://socalviewsfromtheright.blogspot.com/index.html

Bill Frist said more than he bargained for
By Dave Oatney In light of my recent comments on this weblog regarding the 17th Amendment and the problems with the direct election of US Senators, there was one small portion of the speech that really stuck out: “Speaking to the Convention, ...
The World According to Oatney - http://oatneyworld.blogspot.com

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