Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Say Anything: The Republic Is In Danger!

Found at the weblog Say Anything:

The electoral college is under attack. This is nothing new. Urban areas and populated states (read: blue states) don't like the system that we have used to elect presidents since the Constitution was adopted. They have realized that it would be hard to amend the constitution to fix this, so they have taken to skulduggery! (nice word, huh?)

Unfortunately it is a threat, and a real one, to the basic tenet that we are a republic and not a democracy. Not since the enactment of the 17th amendment have states seen the potential loss of power that this trend portends.

Comment: Democracy is the worst and most tyrannical of all forms of government. However, do not expect any help from your U.S. Senator repelling this attack. They are only too glad to kick the Constitution to the curb.

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